For The Delhi Debacle, I Blame Metallica

It’s once again the war of cities. When an international band comes to play, it usually lands itself in the so-called rock cities of India; Bangalore and Mumbai. Why is Delhi left behind and poked fun at? I’m not too sure. But I can come up with one reason.

There is a plethora of Indian Rock bands who have originated from Delhi. Indian Ocean, Parikrama, Hundred OctaneThem ClonesMenwhopause, in the order of their evolution, are only a few from Delhi who have made rock music feel more at home (read Delhi). While Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata can boast of their classical music legacies, no one can deny the fact that Delhi University is a religious place for the origin and worship of several bands which made it big in the international circuit.

And only people who have been to performances of such bands can probably tell you the crowd culture that exists in Delhi. You will still find fans in black t-shirts exhibiting their love for Zeppelin, Metallica, Marley, The Doors. You will also find them stoned, drunk and mostly peaceful, lying on the damp grass listening to their favourite bands, singing along, making love and getting more drunk and more stoned.

Why question a city of its Metallica fan following? The joke is getting old and boring. What happened in Delhi can happen anywhere. It’s the organisers’ fault and the crisis that followed is so much smoke and mirrors. I’m not a Metallica fan but I’m definitely a music fan from Delhi. Brought up in this city, I take it personally when poking fun at Delhi for its taste in music goes overboard and becomes a case of gallows humor.

Remember, every city has a character. Delhi has its own. Despite being infamous for being the rape capital and hooligans, eve-teasers, rich-sods-who-showoff, bad accents and whatnots, it’s time that you gave the city its due. Apart from having the best managed infrastructure, brilliant roads and architecture, the city is a haven for the shopping brigade (read women). And yes, the people are warm despite being overtly dressed, the bling-bling eye-torturing fashion, they will still smile and ready-to-help, as against the hostility that I’ve experienced in other major cities.

So get over it, Chennaites, Bombaites, Bangaloreans or West Bongolis. There are rock fans from Delhi who have a better playlist which they might be listening to, than all of you combined together. And I am not provoking anyone in particular, I’m just asking you, you and YOU, to get over the city-bias and look beyond it.

There might be other reasons to it. For once: I blame Metallica for not respecting their fans who travelled from far-off cities to watch them play ONCE. And the organisers who must and will soon get their due. The fans will react anywhere; be it Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore or the rest of the world.

Written by Shubhra Rishi.