Hathapayi – A sneak peek

The first mixed martial arts movie in India.

If I were a mad martial arts movie geek, which I am, and if someone asked me to create a Venn diagram representing all my favourite movies, it would be an intersection of three movies. I’d put Enter the Dragon in one circle, Fight Club in another and probably, Kill Bill in the third, and the union of all these circles would give me a cluster of cult followers of Mixed Martial Arts and a lot of Bruce Lee fan boys and girls.

Watch the trailer here:

Now that I have your attention, what if I were to break this news to all you karate kids that there’s an Indian first time producer duo that dares to make a movie to pioneer a new genre of reality action and early promo promises to shock you, make you sit up and straight and watch in awe and delight.


The talented couple, Hon. Major Deepak Rao (Director) is a pioneer of Modern Commando Training and his wife, Dr. Seema Rao who is also the Producer of the movie is India’s first woman commando instructor. Not only are  they trained combat specialists, but they also seem to be true blue Enter the Dragon fans since they are calling their first ever production in India, Hathapayi – Enter the MMA.

No, you won’t see stunt men perform action-pack, killer sequences for dolled-up, chiseled and over-dramatic Khans or Kumars of the world, but you will be punch-drunk on some hard-core action stuff. Whether its blood spurting in slow motion, tough blows across the face, you will see real men and women hurting and kicking and falling – on screen.

All the actors were chosen from a national talent hunt and were later trained in acting as well as advanced martial arts in different parts of the world.  The lead actor of the movie is 22-year old Kayra Komal, who is a black belt in a unique martial arts system Jeet Kune Do (JKD)  founded by Bruce Lee.

As the grapevine goes, Director Ram Gopal Varma approached the Raos for technical expertise for him movie on Bruce Lee. He spotted the now lead actor of Hathapayi, Kayra, and offered her a role in his film which she declined. And the result is for all to see.

This is an Indian movie probably combining all the cults of marital arts in the world. Aren’t you excited? We definitely are..

Now if Bruce Lee were a woman, there would definitely be Hathapayi…


To find out more about this movie, watch out for this space.

To browse their Youtube channelhttp://www.youtube.com/user/hathapayithemovie?feature=watch

Written by Shubhra Rishi


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