Rockstar Not So Rocking

Rockstar leaves one perplexed and disappointed. Another Bollywood offering that has failed to come good. Imtiaz Ali had a promising story on hand and he has frittered away the whole potential with wasteful gimmickry. Disparate flashbacks, poor characterisation of the lead characters mar the proceedings completely, making the viewer wonder what the director was actually getting at. After the hype and expectation that Rockstar generated, one would have expected better from Ali.

Janardhan Jakhar (Ranbir Kapoor), scion of a lower middle class business family, and an aspiring singer, pursues pain in order to make his music more ‘meaningful’. Nice thought. But what does he do? Chases the most sought after girl in Stephen’s, Heer Kaul (Nargis Fakhri) and follows her through the lush locales of Prague, where she lives post marriage. Meantime our protagonist rises to fame and stardom as Jordan, the Rockstar – The pain of love works its magic on the music he makes.

To give Ali his due, the first half seems like the movie is heading towards poignance and maybe even towards becoming a modern classic. But, the second half just peters into nothing; nothing at all. Fakhri, will at best, remain a pretty face, a country cousin of Katrina Kaif, unless she is bitten by lady luck, oh yeah, the same one that bit Ms Kaif.

There was this expectation of seeing the making of the star, exploring his psyche, the deconstruction of stardom and the man behind it, but sadly, Ali did not do justice to any of these. Ali missed the point that the movie should have been more about rock and the rock star (so much for vague references to Jim Morrison). Instead, what we are subjected to is a confused crossover between a love story and a musical journey. A R Rehman’s score is good (Naadaan Parindey and Sadda Haq are infectious), but not superlative and does nothing to elevate the movie to a true-blue rock musical extravaganza. So, what are we left with? Two and half hours of splendid cinematography and grandeur, more in the Bhansali-esque mode. What’s gotten into you, Ali? After Jab We Met, we really thought we saw a great maestro in you. You need to buck up to make us forget this unimpressive fare, and yes, young Kapoor’s brave performance, notwithstanding.

Written By Shantheri Mallaya.

Do you agree with Shantheri that Imtiaz Ali has failed this time? Is Ranbir the only shining star in the film? Or do you agree with our other reviewer who liked Rockstar? Let us know in the comments.


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